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"Love is Alu Need"

Bijgewerkt op: 24 jan.

a short story

by acobo

starring Jill, Jack and AWS70HI.

We see a beautiful house with a swimming pool and stunning aluminium windows reflecting the golden sun. Outside the house, we meet JACK and JILL, a couple in their mid-thirties, who are sitting by the pool, sipping margaritas.

JILL (sighs) “I love this place. It’s so beautiful and tranquil.”

JACK (looking at the windows) “I know, and those windows. They’re so shiny and new. I think I’m in love with them.”

JILL (smiling) “I think I know what you mean. They’re so perfect.”

JACK (sarcastic) “Yeah, who needs love when you have aluminium windows like these?”

JILL (laughing) “Hey, don’t joke about that. I think I might be in love with them too.”

As the days pass, we see the couple spending more time admiring their windows than each other. They even start having intimate moments by the windows.

One day, they notice a group of burglars trying to break in through their windows. Jill and Jack quickly realize that they can’t afford to lose their precious windows.

What follows is a thrilling action sequence

(📷 credits Cousteau & dank aan onze klant)

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